Issue Number Four: Life under Influence

Introduction >PDF
Dominique Lestel and Perig Pitrou i-ix
Life as a Making >PDF
Perig Pitrou 1-37
How Machines Force Us to Rethink What It Means to Be Living >PDF
Dominique Lestel 38-58
The Body with Anonymous Organs >PDF
Goro Yamazaki 59-75
Robots: Technical Individuals and Systems >PDF
Paul Dumouchel 76-89
Viral Life, at Last >PDF
Thierry Bardini 90-114

An Interview with Marisol de la Cadena

by Yoko Taguchi

This is an edited version of an interview with Marisol de la Cadena, professor of anthropology at the University of California, Davis, and the author of two major books: Indigenous Mestizos: The Politics of Race and Culture in Cuzco, Peru, 1919–1991 (2000) and Earth Beings: Ecologies of Practice across Andean Worlds (2015). After receiving anthropological training in Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Lima, Peru), she continued her education and research at the University of Durham (England) and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris, France). She received her PhD in 1996 from the University of Wisconsin at Madison (USA).

I visited Marisol at UC Davis during early 2016, and we met again in December 2016 in Osaka at “The World Multiple” conference.[1] I prepared the questions for this interview partly based on discussions about Earth Beings at a Hitotsubashi University anthropology seminar. I recorded our interviews, which began in person in Osaka and continued over Skype between December 2016 to February 2017.

(Photographs provided by Marisol de la Cadena.)

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Issue Number Three: Acting with Non-human Entities

Introduction >PDF
Mohacsi Gergely and Morita Atsuro 1-6
The Ecology of Transaction >PDF
Miho Ishii 7-34
Conversations on Plant Sensing >PDF
Natasha Myers 35-66
Practical Ontology >PDF
Christopher Gad and Casper Bruun Jensen and Brit Ross Winthereik 67-86
The Care of the Cell >PDF
Wakana Suzuki 87-105
Pure Gifts for Future Benefit? >PDF
Moe Nakazora 106-121
Marilyn Strathern 122-157

Issue Number Two: Translational Movements

Introduction >PDF
Mohacsi Gergely and Morita Atsuro 1-5
Translations on the Move: A Review Article >PDF
Mohacsi Gergely and Morita Atsuro 6-22
Numbers Performing Nature in Quantitative Valuing >PDF
Helen Verran 23-37
The Gift in Finance >PDF
Hirokazu Miyazaki 38-49
A Postplural Attitude >PDF
Christopher Gad 50-79

Issue Number One: the Human and the Social

Introduction >PDF
Naoki Kasuga i-v
Anthropology as a Following Science >PDF
Casper Bruun Jensen 1-24
What Humanity Shares >PDF
Annemarie Mol 25-39
Rethinking Technics and the Human >PDF
Atsuro Morita 40-58
Perspectivism in Social Anthropology >PDF
Heonik Kwon 59-68
Vision That Ushers Humanity >PDF
Naoki Kasuga 69-87
Immanence and Fear >PDF
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro 88-106