Issue Number Three: Acting with Non-human Entities

Introduction >PDF
Mohacsi Gergely and Morita Atsuro 1-6
The Ecology of Transaction >PDF
Miho Ishii 7-34
Conversations on Plant Sensing >PDF
Natasha Myers 35-66
Practical Ontology >PDF
Christopher Gad and Casper Bruun Jensen and Brit Ross Winthereik 67-86
The Care of the Cell >PDF
Wakana Suzuki 87-105
Pure Gifts for Future Benefit? >PDF
Moe Nakazora 106-121
Marilyn Strathern 122-157

Issue Number Two: Translational Movements

Introduction >PDF
Mohacsi Gergely and Morita Atsuro 1-5
Translations on the Move: A Review Article >PDF
Mohacsi Gergely and Morita Atsuro 6-22
Numbers Performing Nature in Quantitative Valuing >PDF
Helen Verran 23-37
The Gift in Finance >PDF
Hirokazu Miyazaki 38-49
A Postplural Attitude >PDF
Christopher Gad 50-79

Issue Number One: the Human and the Social

Introduction >PDF
Naoki Kasuga i-v
Anthropology as a Following Science >PDF
Casper Bruun Jensen 1-24
What Humanity Shares >PDF
Annemarie Mol 25-39
Rethinking Technics and the Human >PDF
Atsuro Morita 40-58
Perspectivism in Social Anthropology >PDF
Heonik Kwon 59-68
Vision That Ushers Humanity >PDF
Naoki Kasuga 69-87
Immanence and Fear >PDF
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro 88-106