NatureCulture is an international open-access journal which explores how ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ are constructed. It seeks out the proper state of the various relations and the emergence of beings that transcend this dichotomy. NatureCulture aims to offer a place where anthropology, STS (Science and Technology Studies), the history of science, philosophy, and the related natural sciences can mingle, with the goal of contributing to the possibility and emergence of a new reality, sometimes through productive mutual criticism, sometimes through stimulating discommunication.

Current Issue

Introduction >PDF
Mohacsi Gergely and Morita Atsuro 1-6
The Ecology of Transaction >PDF
Miho Ishii 7-34
Conversations on Plant Sensing >PDF
Natasha Myers 35-66
Practical Ontology >PDF
Christopher Gad and Casper Bruun Jensen and Brit Ross Winthereik 67-86
The Care of the Cell >PDF
Wakana Suzuki 87-105
Pure Gifts for Future Benefit? >PDF
Moe Nakazora 106-121
Marilyn Strathern 122-157

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